About Us

Jeff and I have been married for 28 years. The good Lord has blessed us with 15 children. 9 living on earth and 6 with Him in heaven. We’re grandparents now! Our oldest, Josh & Linzy have 2 daughters -Reagan Mary & Kylie Rose. We’ve been homeschooling for over 20 years. Our goal is to raise saints for the Lord. We hope that we all will live out our vocations to the fullest. We love to live the liturgical year and celebrate with the saints! We also became a military family in 2017. After working as a firefighter & becoming a paramedic, Noah joined the U.S. Navy. He is a Hospital Corpsman in Virginia. Our Caleb just joined the U.S. Air Force. He is at tech school at Sheppard Air Force Base in Texas. Please join us in praying for all those serving in our military.

We were humbled and blessed when the “Miracle of Our Lady of Good Help & my brother John” happened on August 28, 2015. Our dream of owning and running a family business became a reality on October 1, 2015, because of the generosity of my brother John, and his wife, Melissa. Jeff & I, John & Melissa, and our families are in partnership, and ready to provide quality gifts, books, and religious items for all occasions.

By God’s grace we are ready to follow God’s will for the future of Gifts of Grace. “It’s all grace!”

Jeff & Kris Zdroik

Joshua & Linzy, Eli, Noah, Isaiah, Caleb, Daniel, Gemma, Jacinta & Joseph

and with the Lord: Francis Mary, Aaron Frances, Macrina Ann, Obadiah Michael, Philomena Rose & Faustina Grace

A simple smile is one of the greatest gifts one can give or receive.

My name is John Bodden and my wife, Melissa, and I have seven children and live in Delafield, Wisconsin. At family gatherings at my parents’ home, my sister, Kris, and her husband, Jeff, along with their nine kids would always have fun conversations about new business ideas. It was great conversation and brought out the creativity in all of us.  Faith and family have always been most important in our lives. One conversation about being involved in business that could bring gifts and lots of smiles to others, all while honoring God, led us to begin our new journey and the birth of Gifts of Grace.

So many people go through hardships and sufferings in life alone. We often have conversations about the busy world we live in today. Often times, it feels like the only time we have real connections with people are when we allow for the busy world to slow down, like at holidays. At Gifts of Grace, we strive to make Christian gifts and books available to help, if only for a moment, the world to slow down. We love that our gifts and books can bring faith, comfort, love, and support to others, just as a smile would. God tells us that we need to step out in Faith and He will do the rest. We are on our way!

John & Melissa Bodden

Raven & Mark Ogle, Andre, Joah, Sebastian, Braylon, Justice & Maxton

Emerson, Isla & Indy Ogle